Dolores Park's Weed Truffle Dude Gets Big Spotlight in iOS 6's Maps

We here at Uptown Almanac haven't upgraded to iOS 6 yet because we were told the new maps are garbage, but looks like tech blog tantrums were full of their usual frantic shit because iOS Maps has all the hot tips on where we can get effin' ripped—in 3D.

That's right, “Mission Delores Park's” [sic] infamous Truffle Guy, responsible for making many Marina girls freak out and cry, now has prominent placement in Apple's otherwise inadequate maps app—a necessary feature that the Google Dream Team failed to deliver. UA tipsters Lindsay fills us in on her discovery:

RIDIC. I'm sure it's because, of course, he's on Yelp and that is where the data come from. But still.

Yes. But still.

Happy Thanksgiving, dope fiends!

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The fixed location makes me laugh because I can picture Marina girls wandering frustratedly in the area looking for a stand of some sort.

But CBCW James gets busted for few beers…LoL nothing like the “Weed Truffle guy” in the same screen shot as “Mission high school” But,hey,PBR’s are a scourge.

Psssst … don’t ruin a good thing - especially the frustrated Marina girls part.

everyone on this blog site seems really preoccupied with these marina girls.

Funny how they got the spelling right in all but one spot. Nice catch.

Wait, those truffles have weed in them?