And Now Let's Watch a Pack of Partying Puppets Do All The Cocaine

This video is 4 weeks old, which is practically 40 in internet years, so do excuse our tardiness, but for some sick reason, we're only now catching wind of Oakland-based The Coup's video for “Your Parents' Cocaine.”  Isn't it grand?  It has all the elements of we look for in video perfection, namely: puppets, drugs, stabbings, felt finger-banging, raining money, and kazoos. Yes, obviously, kazoos.


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1983 for me, but that wasn’t even the Internet, it was Fidonet, then Usenet

I don’t even know what the internet is, but puppets and drugs are cool!

Wow, The Coup sounds hella different now! Been a while since Steal This Album days, I guess. Or maybe it’s the Black Flag action. Not bad, just different. The video is amazing, in any case! Thanks for the heads up.