We're number 1!

We did it

We won

We're World Champs

Somehow, we pulled through to put Detroit in its rightful place

We celebrated in an alternative fashion

We blogged it, live

We brought out our hummers and paraded down the street

Even our custodial crew got in on the fun

We popped bottles

We destroyed an Uber cab

We lived, we laughed, we loved.

And that's it, friends. We've done it all, we've lived it all. If I had the strength, I'd cry. I bid you all goodbye, and so farewell.

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Seeing many reports saying it was a riot. And there are pictures that seem to prove. But you know, I was mostly at 19th and Mission, and 95 percent of the time it was party, and once in a while people getting stupid. Somehow, a bonfire becomes a riot when photographed. About midnight I left, as there ratio of overly drunk to having fun people seemed to have changed.

Uncalled for. Technical foul - unnecessary roughness - jewelry on the field. The Giants are No. 1 but these revelers just don’t get out and get drunk often enough. Depressing state of affairs where people come from Walnut Creek and else where to trash Lady Mission.

What else can we do? Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute.

Bandwagoners trashing a city in honor of a team they’ve been following for three weeks. Awesome job everyone.

Bitter A’s fans!

People that condone this type of behavior, in any capacity, should be punched in the dick. Regardless of what you call this type of action — riot or party — its not cool, beneficial or acceptable.

Fineberg, you’re a douche.

Glorification of a riot is puerile.

Seriously distasteful behavior exhibited by a few assholes is taking all of the joy out of last night. There were tens if not hundreds of small businesses that were tagged up and down Mission & 24th Streets, many of which are mom and pops that are already hurting bigtime and now have to deal with the costs of cleaning up after a bunch of jerks. Also, who is paying for the $700,000 Muni bus that got torched as well as all of the overtime and costs for DPW? You, me and everyone we know.

There was also a lot of damage done in the Castro to the GLBT Historical Society and Magnet Clinic. Because breaking windows of museums and clinics is a totally cool way to say GO GIANTS.

Such a bummer. Celebrating in the streets is awesome but what happened last night isn’t. It would be nice if this post acknowledged the degree to which some people’s behavior last night was totally shitty rather than just glorifying it.

How did the Hummer come away unscathed?

I heard it was the wrath of Chuey. Chuey’s an angry God, but just!

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