Watch as a Shrieking Lady Hipster Takes on Critical Mass With a Lit Road Flare

During Friday's contentious 20th Anniversary Critical Mass ride, two women dressed as half-and-half cookies were in a mighty hurry to get to a wine bar.  So they did the logical thing and got out of their idling vehicle in the middle of the Tenderloin and began charging at cyclists with a lit road flare.

The entire scene is a complete spectacle, but it gets real good around 4:15, when a homeless TL denizen lectures the young ladies, concluding with “Damn, my nipples are bigger than yours.”

[via SF Citizen]

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This is performance art, no?

She made my night….glad that my buddy who got burnt on his arm was not me,cause ida dropped her.Simple as that.

She’s fiery. I wanna get her number.

So many things to dislike in this video, and not just the screeching hipster ladies.

Wait! Are hipster ladies dressing straight out of the movie “Working Girl” shoulder pads and all now?

“Cowboy” is his nom de rue. He is quite the orator, and likes to quarrel generally.

I’d vote this his finest performance yet.

Anyway .. CM was great, I watched the whole procession, and then a sizeable breakaway group did a victory lap in the area about an hour later. It was kind of like the giant chaotic CM in the mid nineties.

Why again do people ostensibly rallying for bicyclist rights run the red lights? Never understood this about CM. Just makes the whole thing look like a bunch of douchebag brats out joyriding. As exemplified by some PD Bird idiot that would punch a women that he rode into. Fucking jaggov

I love watching the short ugly chick with the long brown hair come up to 80s Hipster Flare Chick and act all butch tough. Two uglies bumping each other in a sea of bikes. How SF.