There's a 6 Hour Line at UNIQLO Right Now

A hurricane of San Franciscan stereotypes made landfall on Union Square earlier this morning as our Asian fetish and love for standing in lines mixed with a Rainbow staircase and cool winds over the Pacific.  Unfortunately, people in the back of the line won't be greeted with a new iPhone or even some braised lamb cheek from Mission Chinese, but instead with cheap colorful cashmere sweaters that'll likely fall apart by nightfall.

Update: My friend working in the area went back around 4:15pm and said the wait is down to 45 minutes to an hour (which leads us to wonder if the 6 hour figure he was ballparked earlier was, ahem, slightly exaggerated).

[Photo by megnakamura]

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At the time this story was posted the store hadn’t even been open for six hours yet. How could someone tell that the wait was six hours.

I’m still in line.