What's Up With the Old El Mexicano Bar on 24th?

Reader and amateur iPhone photographer Rob writes:

Sorry for the crappy photo, but it looks like things are really coming along at the former bar El Mexicano on 24th between Folsom/Treat. They've got new glazing in that cool horseshoe shaped window out front and I noticed before the paper went up that the interior was looking sharp. One of the workers I talked to there a while back confirmed that it was to be a bar and “comfort food” place, but any more details out there?

We haven't heard anything about it, anyone else know what's up?

(Thanks Rob!)

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Wouldn’t it be great if they just named the bar Gentrification.

That’s early 2000’s naming convention. More like Gentrification & Ginger.

I don’t know a ton of details, but one of the owners is a friend of a friend. So I can at least confirm that it will be a bar and that it will also have food, I believe of the so-called gastro-pub variety. And they do seem to have done a good job of converting the space. Since this will soon be the closest bar to my house, beating the phone booth by a few steps, I expect to frequent it.

Also, I think they are not too far from opening. Maybe only a month or so.

My guess is because it has large table seating and plenty of it, so it’s a good spot for things like birthday parties and reunions, which tend to encourage douchebaggery. My guess is that if you saw the same people individually at a smaller, more low-key bar, you wouldn’t think they were assholes.