Shots From Saturday Night: Endless Canvas

Special Delivery debuted on Saturday night, and we were there to check it out. The event took place in a 36,000 sq ft warehouse around 4th and Gilman in Berkeley. Over the last few months, dozens of Bay Area graffiti artists dedicated much time and energy to covering three stories of walls, ceilings and floors with amazing art. The show was open to the public for one night only on Saturday and we were there to take it all in.

This picture represents about 1/3rd of the line. Worth every second though




Check out more shots from the event by searching Special Delivery and Endless Canvas on Flickr. 

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Just heard that 15 buildings in the area were vadalized by some of these assholes, it will be on the news tonight.

Of course they were. That’s what the scumbags do.

yes also heard about the vandalized area around on the news, and was hoping someone had shared fotos of the actual event.
rad, thx for sharing some fotos.

The new owner of the building said overall the art show was a success and that he hoped a few bad apples don’t spoil what he says was a positive art experience.
“There were 3,000 people here and probably three of them were the ones who created the damage,” said Varela.
Varela also said he has contacted his neighbors and told them he’ll pay to have all the graffiti removed.…

Whoever tagged the special delivery and the tiki head lookin face is a boss! If u wanna kno why, take a trip to the point richmond pier and look at da roof of the abandoned ford building!