Recycled Denim Gardening

I'm not quite sure where these shit-filled jeans are (in fact, I don't want to know), but Ice Tubes has some thoughts on how who's behind these pant planters:

Steve’s been a cool guy to live with. He’s got a PlayStation 3 and better than decent DVD collection, but now he’s trying to grow tomatoes in old jeans on your front steps.

But it’s not a renters market, so you’re cool with it and who knows maybe Steve’s new project ends up on a blog or something.

Weird, for sure.  But I suppose this is probably a good way to keep gutter punks from shitting on your stoop. (I mean, would you go near those things? Even if you had a take a number two, like, real bad?)

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how many blogs are gonna run this post?

Those look like nasturtium, which grow like weeds but have nice flowers for a couple of months.