Pi in the Sky

As the downtown lunch crowd most certainly noticed earlier today, a few planes were circling overhead writing some gibberish in the sky.  I assumed it was some iPhone 5 promotion gone awry, or at least a marriage proposal to a sex robot, but it turns out it's “Pi in the Sky”.  7x7 fills us in:

Midday Wednesday, a team of synchronized skywriters will encircle the Bay Area’s airspace with what, to most viewers, will appear a random string of rapidly fading digits. A select few, however, will recognize it as pi: 3.14159, and so forth a thousand places.

Artist ISHKY devised Pi in the Sky for the Zero1 Biennial, which kicks off today in San Jose. Titled “Seeking Silicon Valley,” the biennial includes a centralized exhibition as well as various public art projects that aim to bring the elusive nature of the valley into focus.

Cool!  Buttt it probably would have been radder if they wrote out “5318008” over and over again.

[Photo by WBTC]

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