Man Fatally Shot on Treat Street

Around 4pm yesterday, we received a couple of tips that a man was “stripped naked” and “executed” on Treat and 26th, right outside Garfield Park.  It's not entirely clear what happened based on what we've heard, and we're unsure if his attacker or the paramedics were the ones responsible for stripping him naked, but it sounds particularly grisly—especially when considering this happened in the middle of the day.  And despite 18 hours passing, the shooting has thus far been largely unreported, except for a five sentence piece from ABC that reported the shooter fled the scene and is still on the loose.

[This post has been updated with the removal of the victim's photo.]

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Seemed like every cop car available passed me going SB on Valencia around 4:15 yesterday. Checked Twitter, etc. but this is the first mention I’ve seen. Thanks for reporting.

First responders took his clothes off. Guy was shot a few times and then beaten by a group of men as he tried to flee.

That isn’t good.

The gift of section 8 housing in third world SF.

this was gang related, the victim was a lns member.

One day around noon I was going to cut through Garfield Park and as I crossed Treat a sedan with a metallic blue paint job and shiny chrome rims turned off 26th and stopped blocking the crosswalk and the handicap ramp. A Hispanic guy got out and ran up the steps into the children’s play area. As I walked around the car a gal got out the other door and I could see the metal top of the cuffs in her back pocket.

OK, they’re working.

When I got into the play are the guy was talking to two young Hispanics who looked like day laborers. They were sitting on a table top next to their backpacks with their feet on the bench, one wearing a navy sweatshirt. It could have been construed that they were flaunting.

The undercover cop had apparently verified that they understood English because as I passed by he was saying, “Do you guys know where you are?” and then from behind me I heard him give advice, “Well this is not a good place for you to be.”

one less notorious laptop thief in the mish.

They should clean that entire area up. The place is a dump. A bunch of hommies deal drugs and sit outside their house drinking 40’s all day. Everyone has a white t-shirt on so you cant tell the difference between them when they run from the cops. Its sad the house down the street from them would prob be worth 4 million dollars with its fancy windmill, but tupac is too busy bringing down their real estate value.

all dem hommies

All you guys are sad the way u talk about people. And u guys wanting to buy all the properties in the mission and kick the people out who have been living there for years are the people who get robbed. stop trying to clean up peoples hometowns n moving in n callin it ur own then talk about the rich culture we left behind cuz none of us live there nomore go buy houses sumwhere els n keep the mission for the real people actually from it and stop commenting on people u dnt even knw u sorry sacks

This photo should be taken down out of respect for this youngmans family and for Jesus Solis himself. What happend to this youngman was awful and tragic. He has a family and people who loved him and for a photo of his dead body to be posted for the world to look at is disgusting and disrespectful. My heart goes out to his mother and family. I didn’t know him personally but my son worked with Jesus at the Boys and girls club in the Mission. It breaks my heart to see another young life taken. Three young people lost their life. An absolute tragedy.