Critical Mass Opens Up A Pop-Up "Welcome Center" at 16th and Valencia

Since Critical Mass is having their big 20th anniversary ride on Friday, the leaderless, spontaneous, semi-anarchist group ride opened up a pop-up “Welcome Center” along Valencia earlier this week.  Their hours are somewhat limited (12-5), and it closes down Friday afternoon, so they aren't really going for people with jobs to check the place out.  But, from the looks of it, they're selling a bunch of Critical Mass-related merch and hosting daily group rides and meet-ups from the space.

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Now that is a place that should be vadalized.

Thank goodness for Chris Carlson and Critical mass. Lots of great rides this week during the day. And of course the big ride friday night.

on monday night 518 valencia was open until 9p, i dont know about last night, but there is stuff happening every night, check schedule

I still miss Abandoned Planet.


Critical Mass is a jerk.

More like Critical Ass!(ha, see what I did there?)

Critical Mass turbation.

Self righteous mental masturbation by politically correct man children…all at taxpayer expense with no permits.