Behold: Bender's New Donut Bacon Cheeseburger

Because there is no Wendy's within San Francisco city limits and thus no easy way for the citizenry to discretely murder themselves, Bender's has added this frightening thing to their menu: Donut Bacon Cheeseburger.  With tots.

I didn't personally sample the new fare, as my arteries were already clogged with a burrito, but my friend remarked it was “real fucking good” before sketching off to find a quite place to be gassy.

Anyway, it's only on the menu for a reportedly “limited time only,” so if you have been fiending for some digestive stupidity in the land of arugula and avocado, you best get over there soon.

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As the reigning champion of horrible heart attack food in SF, I must say, this looks absolutely revolting.

Luther Burger!

Somewhere a place for us….peace and quiet and gassy air!

They have the same thing at Straw on Octavia. Cute idea perhaps on paper, but when you are hungry and order it and it’s inedible *and* you have to pay for it, that’s another thing.

This is the classic in-n-out and Krispy cream donut burger. Will try.

I’m in.

I’m not a fan of donuts or bacon, but together… they sound delicious.

I did it with Bobs. With lettuce and tomato, no cheese though and still livin’

That doesn’t seem like it would be good.

I’m gonna stick with the grilled mac-n-cheese w/ Bacon for my heart-attack inducing dinner of choice at Benders.