Fly Origami Street Art Graces Side of the Asian Art Museum

Tim Hallman, the Asian Art Museum's Communications Director, dropped us a line about the beautiful piece:

I think the Asian Art Museum got “tagged” by this famous Parisian street artist.  No confirmation from the artist yet, though. It appeared overnight on the McAllister Street side of the building, near Hyde. We didn't hire her, but we like it.

The artist in question is Mademoiselle Maurice, who has been lighting up the streets of Paris, Hong Kong, and Vietnam with her rainbow-patterned origami art for the past few months.

Here are a few close-ups:

And here's a short vid of her putting up a piece in Paris three months ago:

Update: TheUpSide is taking credit for the work.

(Thanks, Tim!)

Comments (5)

I’d say it’s a copycat. The other works all involve a geometric shape, never text, and there aren’t any of those circle/octagon origamis in this one either. It could be a new direction for the artist, but I think it’s someone else.

Either way, that’s pretty rad.

Their tweet says “Looks like the work of The #Upside”…….not that it is necessarily them.

Isn’t the artist irrelevent? It’s a lovely pice of temporary artwork and I don’t see why there is this need to identify the artist - after all, do YOU know who Banksy is??

Hello guys, (sorry for my bad english)
thank you for the links and video…but
Even if I already use text in my origamis installation this one in S.F is not mine…
But the day I can, I would be happy to come stick some rainbows papers in S.F
aNd yes, identification isn’t the most important, it’s just a question of Art for everybody…