Mission Pony's Quest to Bring Horses Back to the Mission

As you may remember, a herd of motor ponies was spotted a Sunday Streets a month ago.  Turns out this wasn't a fluke Burning Man art hellhorse test drive, but rather the realization of Mission Pony's quest to “bring horses back to the Mission District”:

Not so long ago, El Camino Real — the Mission Trail — brought people to San Francisco on horses.

Mission Pony aims to help people relive those olden days in a thoroughly modern — and totally fun — way.

Their thoroughly awesome website says they are in the midst of “building and plotting,” so I guess we can expect more of these beasts to hit the streets soon.

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Holy shit this cant be for real. This must be the seventh sign. What the fuck!!!!!! The Mission is over. Done. Fuck you

Well. they’re potrero people, but yes, the mission is over.

sadly, this is why the world needs bullies. this kind of behavior is supposed to be beat out of you before you hit jr high.

Oh I dunno, they’re probably still cooler than Segways.

Somewhere close, there are 4 people that could really use those wheelchairs…