Lurky Guy On Valencia Stealing Bike Lights, Creeping Folks Out

According to the Facebook of Nooworks shopgirl/designer Gwen, there is a man on the prowl along Valencia St. for some new bikes and/or accessories to add to his collection:

LOOK OUT: so this morning when I arrived at the shop there was a weird dude is a baseball cap that appeared to be sizing up an adult and 2 kids bikes locked up to the rack. I stopped and stared at him for a while. Then he asked me what I was looking at and told me he wasn't going to rob me. I said I was wondering what it was he was up to. I stood and watched him as he continued to ding the bell on one of the bikes. Finally he got spooked by me mad dogging him and he walked away. He then tried to come back 15 minutes later but I scared him off again. When the owner of the bikes returned I talked to her and sure enough he had gotten her lights, but that was all. Anyway he is around the mission with a black baseball cap black gloves and a black cane but he is probably only 40 years old or so. He is wearing a yellow shirt. I am just mad I didn't call the cops immediately.

Be on the lookout for this sketchtoid, and remember to take your lights with you and lock up your shit real tight!

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White?black?yellow?4 ft?5ft?6ft? what block?

Leave your bike locked outside at your own risk, this isn’t Mayberry RFD and never, ever will be. Call the cops? That’s to funny.