Impolite "Modern Asian Urban" Restaurant Coming Soon to Valencia

“Didn't your mother teach you it's rude to point?”

“Modern Asian Urban,” or MAU (which, shockingly, isn't a fancy new acronym for the ethnic yuppie), recently posted up their remarkably Westfield Mall Food Court-y signage in the old NY Buffalo Wings space.  At first glance, we're not sure what the make of the place: it's being run by a former Slow Club chef, so that's probably a good thing.  And it's not like anyone ever ate at the wings place.

However, that name is criminally obnoxious—never mind that someone in the city is making a wicked Chairman Mao pun.  Also, they're claiming the restaurant will be kid-friendly.  We hate kids.

Anyway, they're supposedly opening in the coming weeks with a mess of $15 rice bowls and noodles, so get ready.

(Oh, and you can follow 'em on Twitter, too.)

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If it’s gonna be Asian, then the jokes on them, because mau is onomatopoeic in Spanish for the meowing sound cats make.
In la Misión, of all places!

We finally found something worse then a $15 burger, a $15 rice bowl.

I’m not sure what the neighborhood needs in terms of restaurants, but I don’t think that’s it. How much Asian food is within a few blocks? Ken Ken, Mission Chinese, various other things on Mission, Chaya, Osha, Sunflower, the Vietnamese place by Monument, the new Thai place by Limon, We Be, Tokyo Go Go (and the place next to it), Wo Hing, the three other nearby Thai places, etc. etc. I understand there are differences between these joints, but still.

I also notice that between 16th and 22nd on Val./16th/and Guerrero (where a new place is opening in an old coffee shop), there will be eight South Asian (Indian/Pakistani) places: the new place, Al Hamra, Pakwan, the place next to Arinell, Amber Dhara, Udupi Palace, Dosa, Rasoi.

I’d like to see more low-end stuff that isn’t trading in the usual ethnicities. How about a cheap version of Bar Tartine’s stuff? What’s that, Budapestian or something?

Hear hear.
Would like to see more kinds of restaurants on Valencia. And hey, maybe even ones where I don’t have to spend $15 for an appetizer and can take my food to go.

Shit, we’re slowly becoming Hayes Valley.