Blue Fig Gets a Parklet

There it is, the makings of a new parklet for Blue Fig and After Life vintage.  And, in conjunction with Freewheel's and the 'Deepistan National Parklet, this will make this stretch of Valencia the only block in the city with three parklets lining it.

It's worth pointing out that this is shaping up to be a parklet dominated by commercial restaurant seating (think Cafe Revolution's and Crepe House's), rather than one of the more architecturally stunning works found at Fabric 8 or Farm:Table.  But a parklet is a parklet, amirite?

Comments (5)

” dominated by commercial restaurant seating” but still inviting and open to the public. As much as we love Farm;table, the parklet there is the worst one in the city. More thought into keeping certian(homeless,poor) out,then making the space inviting for all to stay…As long as the space stays public,I have no problem with the Mojo,Revo,Blue Fig or Crepe parklett models. Certian bussiness do try to act like this is their private seating tho..

Hooray, I love parklets! There’s nothing less public than a parking space for private cars.

How about completely closing Valencia Street to cars and adding even more parklets and/or green spaces.

I like parklets because they allow me to hang out even closer tofumes.

Along with opening up more parklets, which allow the public to enjoy public space, let’s hope the trend of gating, locking and blocking public access to some of the smaller streets around town can be reversed.
It’s a shame that a couple of people think they can claim a public street for their personal private parking area, which seems to be the main purpose for gating and locking off these alleyways, aside from keeping YOU out of them.