Update: Neighborhood Garage Door Owners Still Upset About Graffiti

Hold on, are you implying someone with an also worthless high school diploma can't possibly object to your taste in shitty house paint with a marker?

Anyway, I'm sure this will deescalate the situation!

[Photo by Cranky Old Mission Guy]

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I think that is a fair warning.

I don’t like it the way this blog complains about bicycles being stolen, then makes fun of people who are the victims of graffiti. grow up, dude.

Dear Rich Stanford Grads, Food Truck losers and Burners: My brain and the town it lives in are not a canvas for your unwanted crap ANYTHING. Its useless and doesn’t make this place any better. Take your crap somewhere else or I will crap on your doorstep.

Sincerely, your readers.

Listen, I’m a regular, normal, disenfranchised youth, marginalized and alienated by consumer society. I’m just trying to have a voice, trying to Make my Mark on Society, and doing it where it’s not wanted….not wanted like me. I will never stop, allah akbar, so long as it gets this kind of attention. The attention my parents never gave me, so sod off or move to a gated community where you can better pretend I don’t exist, and find some other, equally trivial thing to bitch to the HOA to, like the hue of your neighbor’s house paint. It’s all temporary.

You are basically profiting off someone’s bad day. You think its okay to make fun of this dude because essentially ‘its not that expensive to repaint the garage.’ Give me a break.

Someone needs to start graffitiing that note all over town. That’d be tizzy izzy tight!