With Tecate, The World is Your Baño

I've been seeing these billboards around the Mission for a few weeks now, with one notably placed along Valencia Street—the venerable public urination ground zero of the well-watered Mission District.  And it would therefore be quite easy to get mad at Tecate, with all their encouraging of young drunk guns to unkink their hoses and allow their sprinklers to go tooka-tooka-tooka-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic in one of many dark alleys in the neighborhood.

But then I bother to Google Translate the latter half of the ad—It's easy to be a man of character.  Is this… irony?  Tecate, are you seriously trolling us right now?

I, for one, will not be patronized.  Either you cut it out with the wisecracks, or I'm just going to keep on drinking Tecate.

[Photo by The Tens]

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es facile hombre

Modelo Especial (you’ve probably never heard of it - it’s a beer from Mexico) is the new Tecate - just saying … By next summer a Tecate tall boy will be the sign of poseur status in Dolores park. Also I drank Modelo Especial before it was hip - so you know.

the next beer….ha,ha,ha, anyone who goes to the park and worries about what other’s think of their brews is a poseur already..