Muni: $80k/yr Not Enough for Man Who Does 6 Jobs

This Muni bus driver doesn't think he makes enough, being forced to take on the job of multiple other professionals and what not.  Let's see how much this fella should really be paid:

  1. Driver: There's no terrific data on this (read: easily Bingable), but it seems that $80k/year is the sweet spot for a Muni driver.
  2. Medic: Let's assume he means EMT, and EMTs make $50k/year in NYC, which means they probably make $55k/year plus unlimited time off in SF.
  3. Psychic: Miss Cleo is probably worth a few million, but always gave her first reading away for free.  Let's assume these cancel each other out and he should receive a $30k pay bump for his services.  Board me now for ya free readin'.
  4. Cabbie: This really sketchy salary site that I absolutely don't trust says the average SF cabbie earns $38k, so let's call it $38k.
  5. Shrink: I'm not really sure how this is different than a psychic, besides an education and actual qualifications, but—hey!—let's give him both anyway. $99k/yearDang doc!
  6. Cop: The average SFPD officer earned $130k in 2008 (but I don't really think I want to see Muni drivers carrying guns (because they're crazy)).

That brings his grand total to $432,000 a year.  Seems fair, no?

[Photo by Crazy Crab]

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“The average SFPD officer earned $130k in 2008.”

WUHAAAAAAAAT??? I definitely wouldn’t want to be dealing with the gnargles and crackheads but WHAAAAAAAT????

You’re accepting his conceit that he actually does any of those jobs. For example, exactly does a Muni drier act as a “shrink”? By yelling at disruptively crazy people to get off the bus, or just ignoring them? It always boggles my mid how much they get paid compared to, for example, teachers.

A MUNI driver’s starting salary is the the same as a SFUSD teacher’s . The fact that it takes the teacher years of education and experience to qualify, while a MUNI driver just needs a bus license, is irrelevant….

Boo hoo.

EMTs don’t make that kind of money, my brother is an EMT in SF and Alameda Counties, he makes around 20,000 a year.

Paramedics DO make a good salary though, probably close to what you estimated, they administer medicine, EMTs don’t, that’s the difference.

EMTs are basically van couriers for the invalid and old (from old folks home/ hospice to hospital, vice versa). My brother hates his job and is currently enrolling in Paramedic school.


You get paid $80k to drive a bus. Any job in SF that deals with the general public is gonna require some interaction with crazies/rude people/annoying youth, and if MUNI drivers seriously think putting up with that stuff “isn’t part of the job description,” then they are delusional in their perspective of the eclectic types of people that live in San Francisco (or any major city for that matter).

No one is pointing out that MUNI drivers are fucking assholes.

A lot of muni drivers do carry guns, though they’re not supposed to. Heard from an ex driver that the locker room was “like an armory.” can’t blame ‘em…

Wonder what idiot wrote this since the muni drivers stare at 30k a year and when this was wrote it was 27k a year.  Thays a lot less then 80k

Every “douchebag” non-commercial driver who thinks he can drive that bus in SF should try doing just that first before typing foolish garbage on the internet.