The Wiggle Gets a Peppy PSA

In case you didn't already know about The Wiggle, the Lower Haight bike route now has musical PSA announcing its presence.  Perhaps more interesting is the fact that no one in the video was unceremoniously given wedgie by Zeitgeist's bouncers—that place is really blossoming into adulthood.

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Fuck the wiggle. Just because I’ve been climbing those two hills (3?) on page for the last 4 years makes me a meat head - dumb as a post but in decent shape until I learned the wiggle. That’s the commuter route.

these people don’t seem to be stopping at stop signs. hmm. also, this made me dizzy.


“You guys. I have the best idea for a They Might be Giants Song- it’s about my commute.”

May I be unkind?

It 1st started with the flabby lady ass cracks wobbling their way.

Now cycling is so poop-ular that its attracting boring males, too.

And people who make boring videos.

With flabby HAIRY ass cracks.

Its official.

I am beginning to miss hot suicidal biker babes who made my heart skip a beat whilst they stole it and cut me off.

I officially pine for the day when cycling in SF was edgy.


That chic with the blue/turqiouse camel toe pants on is hawt!, great moves!

This is a nice video. Seems like it was made with good intentions by decent people celebrating a piece of San Francisco!