Local Homeowner Needs Lesson in Community Networking

This note to neighborhood taggers is adorable.  Adorable.  It's written on a repurposed grocery bag.  It's violently stapled to the wall.  It ties in local sports teams.  It innocently assumes taggers won't respond with stickering it.

But really, South Van Ness homeowner, what you need is a buddy.  A buddy to guide you through the rough process of creating a mural in the Mission.  I mean, have you walked down Clarion Alley lately?  The “do as you wish” artistic free-for-all approach to community art just doesn't work.  You'll go to bed with a Giants mural and wake up to find really crude post-feminist fascist propaganda (read: a stick figure with a giant cock).  And no one wants that.

[Photo by OMG the Mish!]