The Life and Times of a Bay Area Music Composer

Filmmaker Kate Imbach profiles San Francisco modern classical composer Christopher Fulkerson, who has taken up the night shift as a taxi driver to pay the bills following the collapse the industry in the early 90s.  He's got a lot on his mind, like how buying a PC over a Mac set him back for a decade, the collapse of the Soviet Union impacting him all the way here in America, the superiority of pencils, technology expanding his audience, and how driving a taxi opened him up to a nightlife he never knew existed.  It's a frightening, if not sad look into the life of everyday American artists, and it's definitely worth a watch.

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Dudes gotta be working undercover for some super secret government agency. And if he’s not, that mofo should.

cool! this guy drove me to a gig or something a few years ago, he gave me a tape of his music and i still have it.