Intrepid Researcher Sets Out to Determine Which is Better: Muni or BART

We Built This City is amidst an experience to figure out which mode of transportation is best to drag you from the Mission to downtown.  So far, things aren't looking good for Muni:

Travel time: BART 7 minutes, Muni OH MY GOD AM I GOING TO GET THERE BEFORE LUNCH?* Winner: BART

Number of blond chicks talking on their cellphones: BART: 0, Muni: 2. Winner: BART

Sunshine/scenery experienced during ride: BART: 0, Muni: The whole way. Winner: Muni

Number of jerks taking up more than one seat: BART: 2, Muni: 9 (counted the guy sleeping across 4 seats as 3). Winner: BART

Number of people in close proximity to me who seemed like they might be carrying bird flu: BART: 0, Muni: 70% of the people on the bus. Winner: BART

Geez.  Why don't we just tear up Muni already and reinvest all that money into a cycling program?  If we took their $780m annual budget and, like, divided it up among SF's 805k people, everyone could buy fancy new Public Bike every year and have enough money leftover for an Instagram-enabled device.

[More stats over at WBTC]

Comments (4)

The last one seems awfully classist.

Glad you liked it. My next experiment will be Muni versus the 12 Folsom.

But what of the tourists?

I say we issue them bikes at the airport. $50 for a bike, $45 for a bike with a goddamn helmet. Yes, you have to wear the fucking helmet to get the fucking discount.

They can take the new bikeway into town after we rip out BART. Sure, it smells funny. No, it’s not below the water table. Why do you ask?

RE: Why don’t we just tear up Muni already and reinvest all that money into a cycling program?

Because not everyone is able-bodied .