Be "Scene" at Dolores Park With New Mobile App

Amid the sea of useless iPhone apps and silly time wasting mobile games, sometimes there is a shining star just waiting to be plucked from obscurity and downloaded right onto your pretty, unsmashed iPhone. This app isn't shaping up to be one of them.

Dolo supposedly helps you find your friends in Dolores Park. Awesome! We need another “where is everyone having a bitchin' time without you” app in the mix. Also, finding people in the park is hard.

First, you have to sign on through Facebook, which makes sense since it needs to populate itself with your friends list, but still annoying because it's Facebook and I'm a hater (who uses Facebook all the time regardless). Also, the tagline for the app is really unfortunate: “Finding Friends, And Being Scene, At Dolores Park”?

Putting aside the horrific grammar and awful landing page pun, this app could have potential. Could this finally be the app that geo-locates your friends in Dolores so that you no longer have to stand in the middle of Hipster Hill waving like an idiot trying to find your already tipsy friends? Is this the day when you can beeline it straight to your crew, avoiding dudes masturbating under blankets and gnargle-infested drum circles?

No, not today. Once you're logged into the site, you only see which of your friends have checked into the park via Facebook. I hate to break it to you, young app developers, but this app already exists, and it's called foursquare.

(Also, it would totally help any app trying to pinpoint your homies in Dolores Park if anyone actually got cell phone reception there on a Saturday afternoon. Amiright AT&T?!)

Photo via Mark Pritchard

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Someone should open one of those paid wifi hotspots that covers Dolores Park. They’d make a killing thanks to AT&T.


I’m the creator of Dolo, and I’m working on it right now. It isn’t finished! It has bugs. I wanted press after launch! I only shared it on fb. How do you know about it!? Please don’t promote until I’m ready.


What!? Hipsters being pandered to? Here, lemme blog about it…

wow sass in the world.

Well I’m going to go back to working on this fun app I’m making for my friends, called Dolo. Cheers!

Please don’t use “sense” and “since” together at the same time anymore. It makes my head hurt.

Haters gonna hate. And let’s get real-y’all know foursquare isn’t this hyper geolocation focused. Dolo is new. And any app that makes me feel less awkward watching strangers waywardly wonder the park trying to find their friends is OK with me. We live in SF.

Dolo is going to be siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick! Can’t wait, Grande!

with no drinking and no smoking in park, ur app is worthless….

I can’t wait for the app bubble to burst and all the techies have to move back in with mom.