Playable Electric Guitar Bicycle (And Other Functional Nonsense From Cyclecide)

If you suffered the misfortune of not attending Cyclecide's Heavy Pedal Crank Art Exhibition, here is a brief look at the brilliantly creative bicycle hooey you missed:

What we have here is a functional, playable electric guitar bicycle thingy.  I have no idea how real guitars work (other than that heroin addicts pick them up and make beautiful sounds), never mind a bicycle electric guitar.  But I was assured by a handsome scumbag in a denim vest that it most certainly played music, despite its burdening weight.

This is a custom lowrider with a bejeweled seatpost and a smoking baby gripping a nip of Jack.

I was told Cyclecide is no longer permitted to ride the Bomb Bike within a 6 block radius of Civic Center Plaza anymore (I was not actually told this).

This bike punches the dumb fucks in front of you hogging the bike lane.

Finally, this beautiful Mad Max monstrosity really stole the show.  It features a detachable sidecar, ammo storage, “oh shit” bars, fuel canisters (for burning down the state, or something), bells, whistles, and countless cup holders for bottles of bourbon.

With that, I must implore you to check out Cyclecide's next show, so follow their blog and keep up to date.

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Thanks, Kevin, for posting the original invite, and to everyone who showed up both nights. Next Cyclecide event is Coachella, believe it or not. Come on down.