Gaggle of Pink Gorillas Bustin' Moves on Valencia

Was this some sort of gorilla guerrilla protest against Taqueria el Buen Sabor's meh flavors, or merely a spontaneous pink apeshit dance party?

UPDATE: Ed Casey also caught video of the mob in Union Square, noting:

There was no music and no discernible message… Just a pack of pink gorillas doing some sort of busted ass ring around the rosie. 

[Photo by Dexn and Flexn]

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Also spotted at West Oakland Bart. B-area-wide bright apes!

Goddamn gorilla marketing!

Stumbled through them doing some sort of ring around the rosie routine in Union Square yesterday. I thought I was drunk.

Ok, I WAS drunk, but shut up.

Someone was shooting “professional” photos of them too. Might be some sort of bay-to-breakers thing?