Even in the 1950s, Muni 'Sucked'

Ever wonder how Muni used to clean buses before they stopped giving a shit?  This right here is the 'Cyclone' Coach Cleaner, a 1958 bus/Burning Man Art Car that used to act as a giant vacuum:

This modified Motor Coach was used as an enormous vacuum cleaner to rid buses of litter left on board. Pulled along side another bus, the accordion-like seal was extended to the door and a powerful blast of air turned the bus interior into a literal cyclone of flying debris, saving hours of hand sweeping.

Uhhhhhh… rad.

[Photo and Quote via SFMTA Photo Archives]

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Is that bus still around? - because I know lots of slobovians who would pay to have it roll up to their front door, plug in, and vacuum the squalor and deadbeat roommates out. It probably does wonders with refrigerator science experiments and six month old cat litter.

This bus was parked on the Presidio until 2007, in the Alley behind Funston Street on the end and side opposite the YMCA.

Bus was painted a mondrian mix of color squares- yellow, red, blue, and advertised some arts program.

Presidio got tired of it there, towed it and had it crushed allegedly.