Does All This Construction Mean Might Reopen Ace Cafe?

It's been a year since booted one of the Mission's best bars (Ace Cafe, R.I.P.) from their space at 14th and Mission, and it seems that the jizz-happy landlords are finally doing something with the place again.  I tried to snap a photo of the renovations through a side door when the construction workers become visibly annoyed with my public use of technology/complete disregard for OSHA regulations, but the spot is pretty much gutted out (with the exception of the bar, which appears to remain in its place).

Anyone know what's up?

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I read some time ago the plan all along was to open a “kink-themed” bar in the Ace-space.

Yeah, they’re reopening it, but it’s going to be called The Armory Club. It’s going to be open to the public, but will probably suck.

According to friends that work there, The Armory Club is going to be a cocktail lounge that was supposed to be done this month.

For years, this city has lacked a high-end cocktail lounge dedicated to Burning Man weirdos. Guess what, guys: it’s finally happening! Like Bourbon and Branch, but with furrier pants.

FetLife lounge.

Word is it’s a Peter Acworth personal project, not a official annex thing.

awe…did you really have to remove my original reply? Didn’t like the name drop, or didn’t like the point of it?