You Don't get to 500 Million Friends Without Standing in Line for the Bathroom

Who wasn't in the park this weekend?  Even the billionaire boy-king of the internet turned up this weekend, presumably to reconnect with the masses and spend his fortunes on a lifetime supply of truffles and SpongeBob popsicles. And while this registers as a “meh” on the celebrity-sighting scale, he is pretty much the most famous person to ever squander a beautiful afternoon in the best 14 acres of grass this city has to offer.

UPDATE: Proof, via SFist:


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apparently my flat mate spotted him at royal cuckoo Friday evening

We do not use this man’s “product” because this guy does not give a shit about mine or your privacy right’s and is slowly destroying the internet as we know it. And we have personally seen Matt cain(twice) and Freddy sanchez in Dolores over the past few years. And I think they both register much higher then this 1% assclown… Anyway,maybe he was coming to check out the park before the gentrification of the park begins….

Smoked a joint with Kirk Hammett there once. Totally good time.