Mid-Market's Answer to the Bernal Heights Bikini Jogger

Our friends up in Bernal Heights have been enthralled (turned on?) for the last few months by a local resident jogging around the neighborhood in nothing but a bikini, letting her lady parts bounce around in the most photogenic of ways.

Naturally, the absurdity of such a thing generated all sorts of press and spawned a speedo jogger intimidator (which my heterosexuality/concern for human welfare requires me to classify as “ewwwww grossssss”).  However, other neighborhoods never really upped the ante with their own athletic fashion weirdos, much to the disappointment of the internet.

But now it seems there's another fleshy jogger to be reckon with—this time, gracing our city's crackhead corridor with full, unadultrated nudity, as captured by Josh J a few months back in video form:

While this blogger hasn't seen this neatly trimmed Yeti with his own eyes, I suggest listening for the catcalls “heyyyyyyyy lady” and “where you going so fast?” and “hey mommy, why don't you run over this way?” to find her yourself.

[Video by Josh J]

Comments (7)

Hey douch, there is never a reason to ride your bike on the sidewalk.

Get your bike the fuck off the sidewalk, fucktard.

it is acceptable to ride on the sidewalk when filming naked joggers

I woman is naked jogging and all you guys can comment on is riding a bike on the side walk? Wow that’s rich.

Neither fleshy nor a yeti.

People of Uptown Almanac,

*I* am the videographer of this event, and I am here to clarify a few things and feed the trolls! My man KEVIN is correct indeed – my keen eagle eye sensed nudity from a distance and I decided, for my (at least four or so) Flickr friends, to capture video of this jogger.

Be so notified that I am a very law-abiding friendly cyclist, who gets *grrrr* angry when I see cyclists run lights and stop signs while pedestrians and motorists shake their fists. BUT, in a moment of WEAKNESS, I was LURED to the sidewalk by this salaciously speedy siren.

Also, I rarely wear the DORK AMULET called the GoPro chest-cam, but it was new and I was just trying it out on what I thought would be a boring ride downtown on a random weekday morning.

I am glad you could all enjoy it! I love you all and take your pet names as a sign of affection and fawning.

- Mr. “Douch” (sp) “fucktard” “assclown” Josh J!

Dear Mr. “DFA” Josh J!

I commend you on your eagle eyes in noticing the salaciously speedy siren of the sidewalk. Thank you for posting and the great alliteration in your response.

Live long and pedal!