Ever Wonder What It'd Be Like To Fly Around San Francisco?

Videographer Robert McIntosh filmed this stunning aerial video of San Francisco on his last trip here, which somehow escaped our attention for 5 months. According to the the Vimeo comments, it looks like he shot the footage using only a quadrocopter and a GoPro. Aside from the unreal camera angles, the whole thing has a sort of dreamy, ephemeral feel to it; it’s the kind of thing you’d like to see when you close your eyes before falling asleep at night. The parts over the Legion of Honor and George Sterling Park are my favorite.

The video really speaks for itself so my commentary isn’t really needed, but it’s definitely worth five minutes, headphones, and fullscreen.

Comments (4)

It’s pretty good, except for the part where he messes with the bison.

more street view, less bison torment and headlands porn please…

This is nice, things that most visitors don’t get to see…