Worlds Most Amazing Voice Covers "Delores" Park Graffiti

I only made it 7 seconds into this video before I busted up laughing. How is this man's voice real?! There is no way that he is not trolling himself here. Vandalism is a big problem in Dolores Park, but don't worry guys, we arrested one tagger so everything is cool now - your tax dollars will now be spent prosecuting someone for a totally victimless crime rather than on graffiti prevention.

“It's a shame that we can't have anything nice because some idiot likes to tear things up.” - Stanley Roberts, KRON Channel 4 News.

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perd hapley is the best.

it is really upsetting that a bunch of idiots want to fuck shit up, for no reason other than they’re bored and out of 40’s.

I, for one, am proud of our country’s first Muppet-American newscaster.

“Totally victimless crime?” Give me a fucking break. People who own property are victims when it’s vandalized. And when the community is filled with ugly, illegible, nonsensical shit smeared all over its public spaces, we’re all victims. We need to stop romanticizing these dickheads just because as a crime problem it is low priority, or because they are not physically harming people.

Stanley Roberts is awesome

I helped get a tagger in the neighborhood arrested…and I filmed the whole thing - check it out: