Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen Opening Next Week!

Yesterday, our pal Jenny snapped these two pics of the recently uncovered Wise Sons Deli storefront.  What we see here for the first time is all the boring stuff like counters and prep areas for sandwich making and what not.  But the good stuff is on it's way.  Oh yes.

Grub Street is saying they're opening next week (after a Thrillist-Groupon RSVP-only-style soft opening thingy this weekend) and, from the looks of it, will be dishing out some pretty incredible foodstuffs.  There's no menu up yet, but they've been taste-testing French toast recipes, making “deli burgers ground with pastrami on challah,” and let's not forget about that chocolate babka.  And while that all looks perfectly delicious, I'm personally looking forward to replacing my daily intake of liquids with vats of vegan matzo ball soup.

Comments (4)

I am definitely looking forward to this.

i hope it doesn’t suck as bad as moishe’s.

As long as the bagels are better than Katz’s, it’s cool with me.

Moishe’s actually isn’t that bad for California. The guys there are really sweet. It is a Chicago style deli as opposed to a New York style one and it closes about four I think, which is right when I want lunch. I for one, am really stoked about Wise Sons opening up! BAGELS!!!!