White Bread BBQ Coming Soon to 19th

There's no details on this spot, the menu, opening date or anything like that; only that the new owners intend on calling the place White Bread BBQ.  At least, that's according to this generally unexciting alcohol notice distributed to neighbors:

Presumably, the food will be bland and boring and lack nutrients and foodies will love it.


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I trust a place with that name more than I do a place like halfass southpaw that braises it’s fucking brisket

You know nothing about BBQ, do you.

does anyone know what the sign next door “Lhuz Cafe” refers to? that sign’s been there as long as i’ve lived in the neighborhood and i’ve never seen anything open there.

I can’t believe BBQ is making a comeback… again. Guess these fads go in cycles.

I heard last year that the Maverick/Hog & Rocks folks were planning a BBQ place on 19th. My guess is this is the start of that project.