Meanwhile, in the Richmond ...

While everyone in the Mission is chowing down on delicious, authentic Mexican food on a regular basis, Richmond District residents are falling through a downward spiral of infinite culinary sadness! I was out there yesterday and it looks like that that fancy Korean place on 6th & Balboa closed recently, and someone hung up this plaintive sign in the window begging for some “really yummy” Mexican food.

As much as I love the Richmond (which I do, a lot) I have to admit that the taco offerings out there are pretty dismal. One of the only taquerias in the Richmond that I can think of is Gordos. How their flavorless, sloppily constructed burritos have achieved bi-coastal success is beyond me. But anyway, this sign is hilarious. Not only is the community just begging for a good taqueria, they’re doing it in English, Spanish AND Chinese! Purveyors of ordinary tacos need not apply! Only really yummy ones will do!

Added point of irony: Namu, which formerly occupied this space, was best known for their Korean tacos.

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Bummer. I didn’t realize Namu is moving to the Mission. 6th and Balboa is a tough location, but there was always a wait. Kind of like starting your career off with Pittsburgh Pirates and realizing you’re good enough to make bank in the American League East.

There’s also Chino’s on Balboa at like 31st. It is terrible.

re: Gordos burritos. HOW DARE YOU MADAM

Gordo’s is pretty terrible and overpriced. I’d much rather have El Castillito on Church.

People who insist on using the word “yummy” should be imprisoned. Electrocution for using the word on Yelp.

Dear Hipsters,

Please stay the hell out of my neighborhood. Plenty of other places to be. I hear SOMA is tight.

Yikes, looks like someone wasn’t picked on in high school.

Dear Spoiled Hipsters,

If you like Mexican food, open up a taqueria yourself. No one is going to do that for you, regardless of how cute you think your sign is. In the meantime, GTFO of the Richmond.

Namu is moving to the corner of 18th and Dolores

I grew up in The Richmond and live in The Mission. Am I a hipster?