Forthcoming Alamo Drafthouse Also Has Pretty Awesome Anti-Texting PSAs

The more I learn about the Alamo Drafthouse proposed to takeover the New Mission Theater, the more I'm convinced this place is the perfect fit for the Mission.

(Thanks Jeff!)

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we’re just kind of apprehensive it’ll be too… how do i put this? “bro”?

Yes!! I had no idea Alamo Drafthouse was coming to the Mission! Let’s just go ahead and bring ALL of what makes Austin amazing to SF, please. Y’all are going to love this place. Get an order of fried pickles and a ‘rita and you’ll be just fine.

This place is really cool. Why it took this long to get one here, or something else like it, is a testament to how lame SF can be. I mean, shit, how many years to get a Pollo Campero here? Fucking MInneapolis has had them for years.

yeah dog! im so freakin stoked dude. totes! ps this bia sounds like a lotta fun

The Alamo Draft House is truly a great institution and a perfect fit for the New Mission. Don’t be scared cause they’re from Texas. It’s Austin. They’re cool. I’ve been and it’s FUN.

But it ain’t going to happen at all without your help. Supervisor Campos will fight this, the planning commission will fight this and Chicken John will fight this. So if you want a great theater where you can drink beer, write to Campos and go to the planning meetings, ask Chicken John to puke on a Mexican again. Anything will help.

Also we should try to make em keep the sign.