What Kind of Crap Accumulates in a Dive Bar Pool Table?

I was so excited about Pop's new AIR HOCKEY TABLE that I almost missed their pic of the pile of shit they fished out of their old pool table.  Props to whoever managed to shove a goddamn beer bottle in the thing.

Also, I have to recommend following Pop's on Twitter so you can keep apprised of future developments in the world of dive bar trash piles and bacon bloody marys.

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Is it really a dive bar if they have a twitter account?

Yes. The gaming people (California Amusement Group) came to the bar and removed the pool table from the premises to make room for an air hockey table. In the process, they dumped all of this out of pool table. At that point, we marveled at the quantity of debris and detritus and commenced smartphone picture taking and requisite distribution to the internets.

In San Francisco a dive bar is any place that doesn’t have coat check or reservations.

Irritating are the days when one can’t find chalk for his cue. Now I know why. I’ll throw this out there for Erick…440 in the Castro has a “coat check” and I’d certainly consider that a dive bar..on the other hand…Black Bird on Market St. doesn’t and it just oozes class. Their pool table is, to be frank, worth a damn too…usually unoccupied by the posh crowd only interested in their $10 cocktails and silly conversation. MMMMmmmm Good!