Trash-Fanatic John Waters Gathers Research on Muni

This has been making the rounds on Tumblr all day, but if you haven't yet seen it, this is the word from No Bunny:

HOLY SHIT I JUST MET JOHN WATERS ON THE 47 BUS and no one recognized him and he was sitting next to me and i took a picture WHAT THE WHAT

Hopefully no one tinkled on him.

[No Bunny Luvs You]

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Maybe he’s going to cast Princess Buspiss in a Pink Flamingos remake. If she’ll piss out the window of a bus, surely she’d have no issues with eating dog poo.

I’ve served him at Pop’s a few times. He drinks Ketel Cran.

Ain’t he just a dream? Was sitting on the stoop one night when I saw him pass on the 71 down Haight. Everyone thought I was having a fit.

Imagine my disappointment when it turns out that Nobunny didn’t post the picture in question

He lives in Nob Hill. I’ve seen him numerous times on the 49 and 47 as well as Polk st. No one ever recognizes him, but he’s still awesome.

Herr Doktor, he still lives in Baltimore. But he bought a house here a few years ago. All MUNI needs to do for its image is to say it’s the bus John Waters loves to ride and just continue to keep things filthy.

He’s been a fan of Muni for years and talks about it every so often. Just another reason why I like living here - celebs on Muni.