The Mission Needs More Barbers, Apparently

I love lines! Lines for a table at brunch, lines for a concert, lines for a booth at the Lusty Lady… they're the best.  But even so, the daily 10:45am iPhone gabfest outside of the Brooklyn chic F.S.C. Barber is just baffling.

In some ways I get it: paying 25 bucks for some “Hangover Relief” (a rose-water-and-eucalyptus-infused shave with a neck and hand massage) sure does sound nice—and picking up the phone and making a reservation is really just another pain in the ass not to be bothered with.  But as I sit here reading Yelp trying to figure out what makes this place so wait-outside-the-door-for-them-to-open awesome, I can't get past the complaints of 3 hour long queues for a beard trimming.

Fuck, as you can see from the picture, one of the guys waiting doesn't even have hair.

What am I missing and is it time for me to hang up this 'career' as a 'blogger' and earn my living by temporarily handicapping dude's sex lives with a pair of pruning shears?

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Pretentious fuckwads.

I’ll stick with Willy’s Barbershop on 22nd, thanks.

After the whole “metrosexual” fad went away, I never thought I’d see a man spend more than $50 on a haircut ever again. I was wrong.

I’ll stick with my clippers. 39.95 at walgreens and lasted me about 4 years now.

Thank Dog you blogged this. Glad I’m not the only one amazed at the lines.

And not that there’s anything wrong with looking like you are a new england farm hand who is visiting Brooklyn circa 1895, but I wondered what is up with the lines, too. I went into the clothes store tucked in back there and as I fondled one of the lapels of a $1,500 sport coat with my hand the sales guy sidles up to me to say that these are “ultra premium garments” with a seriousness in his eyes way out of proportion to those words.

If you wait in line to go to some hip barber shop, then you are doing something wrong. Just another link in this chain of boys acting like men–going to barber shops, ‘cause that’s what dad did; growing a beard, ‘cause dad had a beard– rather than being men. Real men go to real barbershops. Enjoy your Potemkin village.

Great Image Salon, next to McDonalds, beside the open air market on Mission at 16th. $10. Never had to wait a second, and honestly not bad, esp. the older lady’s work (of course, I may be fooling myself).

After finishing your meal at Boogaloos, you really hope to recreate the entire experience.

Every time I walk past this place I visualize myself throwing a grenade inside and doing San Francisco some good.

At least this place has a barber pole, which is more than you can say for a lot of haircut stores these days.

I went here recently on a friend’s recommendation and while I’m happy with the outcome, most of the “experience” was completely lost on me. The amusing thing is that every male employee and customer there had the exact same haircut and trimmed beard. I do think it is a product of boys acting like men and trying out what they believe are man things like beard cream, hot towels, etc even if they are based on some 1940s blue-collar fantasy. When I was 20, I thought I was really becoming an adult through the use of aftershave, pomade, vitalis, etc. As a real adult, I’m much more interested in no hair or beauty products at all.