12 Ounces of Shitty High School Nostalgia Available at Mission Hill Saloon

Prior to walking into Mission Hill Saloon for the first time, I didn't even know you could buy The Binge Drinker's Light Beer in the Mission.  And at two bucks a can, it's certainly more expensive than I remember.  But if you have a thirst for the swill you drank behind the 7/11 dumpster when you were 15, MHS has you covered.

(Oh, and their bathroom works of art are mightly nice too)

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the deal is that “cheap beer” is cool, “cheap beer” is sold for $2 a unit in SF, and bars want better profit margins. i’m taking odds on who and when the first bar to start selling Regal Select (for $2, natch) will be.

Whay are you doing in the girls bathroom?


Lynsey Beta is the artist…former bartender there.