Why Does Dolores Park Smell Like Shit Right Now?

If you've braved the dick-shrinkingly cold weather and gone to the park over the past few days, you might have noticed a rotting-egg-mixed-with-burrito-fart odor emanating from the playground lately.  I had just assumed it was one of those football-sized rats that live in the park dead and decaying in the corner of the park, but Twitter has some alternative theories:

The breakdown: fertilizer, compost, manure, “the construction,” and now there's cockroaches.

[Photo by Alex Chaffee]

Comments (4)

I don’t think “roach” was referring to cockroaches….

not a single cemetary joke?

Agh Hell raw fert? That smell is just a “tip toe through the tulips” for us midwesterners.

On a more serious note - There was a Jewish cemetery near DP if I’m not mistaken.

Very unlikely to be remnants of Dolores Park cemetery. I’ve excavated Victorian burials before, and the stench only comes when you crack the coffins.