Build a Better Muni (With Elmers Glue and Safety Scissors)

Everyone loves Muni. Despite being famous for slowly and unpredictably chauffeuring people around the city and being the butt of San Francisco's jokes, people still love the belligerently awful system.  Perhaps it's because of the lovely cast of characters that ride the bus day in and day out.  Or that San Francisco, being the progressive, politically correct city that it is, can't help but cheer on the runt of the transportation litter.  Or people feel protective of their excuse for perpetual tardiness. Maybe it's just that everyone needs a place to pee.

Regardless, one such fan of mediocrity has put together the best Muni art project I've seen: Paper Buses.  It's brilliantly simple: print out one of the dozens (dozens!) of bus designs, cut 'em up real careful, take your favorite glue, huff that glue, then put your very own Muni paper bus together.  It makes great Christmas tree ornaments and cat toys.  And next time NextBus tells you it will be 70 minutes until your ride arrives, you can go to Kinko's, make yourself a bus and stomp it to death before the real thing ever shows up.

[Paper Buses]

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The MTA had a pop out cardboard Muni Metro car they gave out to kids as part of the T Third line opening a few years ago. I still have a stick of ‘em and one sits on top of my speakers on my desktop.