Beloved Local Photographer Julie Michelle Needs Our Help

For the last three years, Julie Michelle has been chronicling the lives of the people who make San Francisco the beautifully odd place that it is.  And not just the internet-savvy crowd we tend to hear the most about.  No, her venerable I Live Here: SF project has touched upon the lives of nearly every breed of San Franciscan from every neighborhood, from Tenderloin poets, Mid-Market cat-callers, and familiar Mission mariachis to adopted cats.

But tragedy recently hit Julie's life and now one of her past subjects is organizing to help her out.  Tucker Perry fills us in:

Julie Michelle of needs some help. Lee, her partner of many years had a massive stroke recently. We're throwing a fundraiser event to help them get a handle on the massive expenses that come along with getting sick these days.

We're hosting a party at the San Francisco Motorcycle Club (shot by Julie Michelle here) on Sunday the 18th from 3:00 to 7:00. There will music, drinks, good people, and a raffle. Donations will be gladly accepted in person, but if you can't make the event, there is a ChipIn campaign already running here.

You can go RSVP for the benefit right here or go ahead and donate to help cover the medical bills and other related expenses insurance won't cover.

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I just recently relocated to the bay area and one of the main reasons i finally took the plunge was because of her site. I looked at it every day from my desk in Kansas City. I’ll be there!