Mission Police Station Creates Database of Recovered Stolen Bikes

When Mission Station isn't busy shipping resources downtown to harass the gentle and unemployed, they're doing real police work.  Like running a sting operation to catch bike thieves.

So what does that mean for you, thee of the liberated bicycle?  Well, you might actually be able to get your ride back, should your bike be listed on SFPD's new stolen bike site.  The database isn't exactly brimming with stolen bikes waiting to be reunited with their owners or anything like that, but it's a step in the right direction.

And in the event your bike is lifted in the future, Mission Station offers some precautionary tips for making sure you get your bike back quickly:

Mark your bicycle so that you can easily prove it's yours.  Some fire station or police departments sell bicycle licenses, which is one way to label your bicycle.  There are links to online registries.  You can also simply write your name on a piece of paper and slip it inside the handlebars.  Or write your name underneath your seat with an indelible marker.

Comments (3)

did anyone else notice the stripped frame in front of the mission police station? that’s fucked.

Interesting. I guess they’ve changed since WAY back in 2010 when I had to beg them to take a police report for my stolen bike. Yes, I’m bitter about that and it all worked out in the end so I guess I should just be happy that they’re doing cool stuff.

if it’s a crackhead stealing your bike and trying to sell it whole for a rock, that shit is gonna be parted out or sent to LA. so maybe you’ll get your seat back with your name on it, or your handlebars, but unlikely the whole thing. i guess something is better than nothing.