Controversial Neighborhood Dive, Rite Spot Cafe, Shut Down by Health Department

The Rite Spot has the increasingly rare distinction of being a place people either can't seem to get enough of or hate to no fucking end.  To some, a lovely low-key spot to eat surprisingly palatable burgers, take in some music or stand-up, and doodle on the bathroom walls.  To others, an abhorrently evil shithole with snarling bartenders, hit-or-miss food, and dumpy music.  Some even go as far as to claim the place is host to scalp-crawling cockroaches.

Well, it seems the city has sided with the detractors, shutting it down yesterday for “serious or repeated violations” pertaining to a “vermin infestation.”

Mind you, the city closed Boogaloos for similar issues back in August, only to see the restaurant reopen within the week, so who knows how serious the closure is.  But, should it stay closed, we'll have lost a reliable (to some, at least) outpost in an otherwise forgettable corner of the Mission.

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So that’s why Reuben was cancelled.

I think this bogus trumped up charges to shut the spot down and take over. Don’t believe everything you read - people lie to get what they want. Even the government you say??