What the Fuck is Up With 'Gunz & Bunz'?

I know it's my job as a 'journalist,' or whatever the fuck people are calling assholes with websites these days, to “go to the source” and “ask the tough questions.”  But I just want to know: what the fuck is up with this place?

Upon discovering this joint's signage at 2am one night while drunkenly searching for a bucket of salsa verde to shove my face in, I asked a few surrounding people what was with the name. “It sounds like a gay Hooter's,” was pretty much the most coherent answer given.  Another person suggested it was a front for gun running and miserable grammar.  Pretty much everyone assumed you could go there to lift weights and grunt a lot.  Pretty much no one assumed you could buy actual food there.

Now, this shop has open for two months at 24th and Folsom and still does not have a single Yelp review, giving credence to the Pollos Hermanos theory, but I'm not convinced.  Is it just a poorly-named sandwich and pizza shop opened by someone unaware of the area's history with gun violence, or the work of a witty entrepreneur trying to capitalize on faux local blog outrage?

Also, has anyone actually eaten here and will I die from ordering a hoagie?

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Is it that pizzas and burgers are “famous” or that their pizzas and burgers are famous.

I can’t believe you haven’t gone in yet. You know, for the greater good.

There’s even a groupon-esque thing for this place and no reviews. I don’t know if that’s good or terrifying.

Actually this place is pretty good. I had a tuna sandwich there and it was very tasty. And while I was waiting for my sandwich they had pizza samples on the counter, which I proceeded to eat all of them.

White people problems: can I eat here if there have been no yelp reviews or hipster blog reports?

what the fuck. how have i never noticed this place. i’ve been bemoaning the lack of a 24th street pizza place ever since papa potreros shut down (fuck that place across from the attic).

i’m eating there tomorrow.

i’ve had some of the middle eastern food htere, it’s good, nothing great

Seriously? Fuck any new restaurant that touts that they’re offerings are “famous” or the “best in town”.

They opened a few months ago under a different name, it was something pretty generic like “Mike’s Mediterranean Deli”. I went in there in hopes of getting a shawarma or something along those lines, but they didn’t have anything like that. The sandwich menu was all standard deli fare.

I think they switched over to more specialty sandwiches right around the time they changed the name to Gunz and Bunz, probably because R Image corner store up the street has got all your standard deli sandwich needs covered with bigger portions and better prices. Haven’t been back since the switch, though.

tunz o bunz, you got, we got. they got. the state of affairs is like mad chaos

I was in dire need of food when I went here and I bought the falafel sandwich. My friend and I really wanted food but we didn’t want a taco. It’s attached to a liquor store and a Western Union and the lady that works behind the counter is pretty nice and cute and doesn’t speak fluent english.

That’s actually pretty fucking rad that there are no yelp reviews of this because god help anyone who feels it necessary to write about a food place attached to a western union.

Dear Mr Kevin Montgomery …..

Obviously getting attention on the internet is you favourite hobby , we appreciate your review and your full of hate comment to our bussiness but just so you know the owner of this place Gunz and bunz is a family man with three young kids thats been living and supporting the san francisco community for over 25 years and had businesses all over the city 1994 ( valencia crepe ) the mediterrnanian oven ( one of the best pizza places around 1998 ,jim’s restauraunt on 29th and mission , jacktart deli and more and more ,mr montgomery we do not sell gunz neither drugs , our idea was to bring a unique name that only relates to food guns as muscles and bunz as the cheeks , so where did you get that we sell drugsand gunz , did you actually come in and someone offered you a gun or a some type of drugs , its just a hotdog with a cool name buddy , don’t judge people and write articles that can hurt their businesses especially when they are trying to make a living and support their kids , you should be complaining about those kids with big white t shirts standing around the liquor store harrasing people or the drunk and cracked up people that ask for a nickle everyday or the guy that just took his thing out and took a leek infront of a girl that was just passing thru , , so you judging us is not what you call freedom of speech its called freedom of hate , don’t sit on your laptop and type things without knowledge , at least come in and see what we offer before you write your ignorant lines, this could turn out into a big case so why don’t you find a better solution , owner and founder of mike’s deli ( previously guns and bunz ) Mike juweinat

its just a hotdog with a cool name buddy