OccupySF Takes Over Dolores Park

At some point Saturday afternoon, throngs of OccupySF protested marched through the Mission and Occupied Dolores Park, disrupting an epic game of catch.  A few observations on the protest:

  • Protesters were really confused as to why I wanted to finish my beer and not stand in a circle and yell at other like-minded strangers.
  • Gannnnnnnnja treats.
  • The visible major of OccupyDolores participants love anti-choice/anti-war/anti-government Texas Republican Ron Paul and pro-bicycle/pro-create-a-public-SF-bank/pro-universal-healthcare San Francisco Liberal John Avalos.
  • Surprisingly, Cold Beer Cold Water was not apart of the protest.
  • Unlike previous park protests, this one was actually fun.
  • John Avalos' motorcade rolled by the park, with Avalos sitting in the back of a convertible.  I kept waiting for a second shooter to emerge from the grassy knoll, but no such person surfaced.

  • John Avalos will literally do anything to become mayor.

Comments (3)

Avalos is fucking awesome.

It warmed my jaded heart to hear cheers erupting from Hipster Hill as OccupySF rolled up to the park and a bunch of cool kids came running down the hill to join in.

Avalos’s lowrider motorcade was freaking awesome–popping hydraulics all around the park. Also awesome was the Avalos dance party with Primo and Jamie Jams and the League of Pissed Off Voters. John Avalos and his campaign are legit–of the people, for the people, by the people. It’s the most diverse campaign I’ve seen in my 7 years around SF politics. The campaign looks like San Francisco.

The fact that Avalos is a good candidate with a solid position on a number of important issues means he doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of becoming mayor of SF.

I hope everybody is ready for Willie Brown v2.0