New Mission Theater is a Dump

New Mission Theater was open for business this week, and by open for business, I mean “people were shoveling mounds of garbage out the front gate.” Does this mean Gus Murad, owner of New Mission Theater and neighboring garbage dump Medjool, is moving forward with his shelved dream project of turning the towering icon into a restaurant and bar, or is he just cleaning the place up to flip it on the market?

Regardless, 25 years of decline and neglect certainly takes a toll on a place:

[1986 photo by American Classic Images]

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To be fair, that’s just the lobby, which was used as a furniture store for most of the time since the theatre closed.

1986 and its a Mercedes parked in front of the New Mission?

Gentrification clearly started way before my time.

iron eagle f-in rules, brah