Brian Wilson Rides Fixie, Goes to Mission Thrift Store

This tip comes to us by way of a trustworthy bike messenger, who can reliably identify a fixie when he sees one.  “Black frame, bullhorns, no brakes.”  Seems like a reckless ride for our closer, but considering says the Giants only have a 7.7% chance of making the playoffs this year, perhaps Brian just said “fuck it” and decided to offload his collection of devalued Giants' memorabilia after 'crushing it' around town on 20 pounds of brakeless steal.

But was it really Brian?  I can't count the times I've seen some jacked, black bearded kid rocking a pair of bitchin' shades and shit my pants thinking Brian was in the same late-night burrito queue as me, only to learn it was an imposter and an evening's worth of booze had blurred my vision.  Which begs the question: why hasn't anyone started a “Brian Wilson or Hipster?” meme tumblr yet?

There's a book deal in there somewhere.

(Thanks John!)

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Considering Brian had a Giants game a few hours after that, I doubt he was riding a fixie in the Mission.

But the mental image is still fucking awesome.

It was probably the imposter who works at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Rich athlete goes to store; neighborhood chokes while fellating itself.

I think Brian Wilson - or another sexy facsimile - rode the 21 Hayes with me this morning. If I would have known about this post before I would have taken a picture. Instead I took a seat nearby so I could be at crotch level while he stood by the back door.


I would hope that he would be clever enough to not ride a fucking fixie.

I’ve seen this same impersonator at Zeitgeist and walking his dog on Market street near Dolores St. He is very aware that his beard gets him attention. He stood at zeitgiest sipping his beer alone as girls around the back patio whispered to each other. It’s definitely not the real BW.

um, there is a total brian wilson doppleganger only he is a 24 yeard old gay hipster. i regularly see him and think its wilson. knowing he is a thrifting maniac who rides a fixie- my bet is it was the doppleganger.

There is absolutely one fake Wilson in the Mission. Somewhere around 13th to 15th and Valencia to Guerrero. He has a small dog that he walks and def rides his bike. Everyone thinks he is Wilson, but he does not have the same tats. You can also tell because fake Wilson has skinny legs. Fake BW loves the attention. Total lol.